Thursday, June 21, 2012

Overview of Nokia phones offered by U.S. carriers on the web

US web offers for new Nokia phones as of 06.06.2012.
The list is very much incomplete, and emphasis is added to phones that don't have Windows Phone 7.5 in them.
This list also reflects which carriers' websites first ask for location without offering their phones first. The carriers whose sites that do that are more likely to offer locked phones and with a fixed contract instead of selling them to someone who would want to use their phone with a different carrier.

* "Nokia not listed" means that the website is offering phones by brand name
* "No Nokia phones" means that the website either does not offer phones by brand name, or that Nokia phones were not available.

  • T-Mobile:
    Nokia X2 (refurb)
  • AT&T: Nokia Lumia 900 (doesn't count)
  • Verizon Wireless
    Basic phones: No Nokia
    Smartphones: Nokia is not even in a gray list
  • Sprint: Personal/Business — No Nokia, has one Sony Ericsson, IIRC
  • Tried alltel — service not available at "my" zip code (I used one of Au Sable Forks, NY)
  • C-Spire: None (has Sony Ericsson)
  • Cricket Wireless — No coverage in the area :(
    According to Wikipedia (as of 31.05.2012), Nokia is not in the current list of phones.
MetroPCS — Nokia is not in the listed brands
U.S. Cellular — Nokia is not in the listed brands

Alaska Communications — Nokia is not in listed brands
    Cellcom —
    Nokia is listed, but no products shown
  • Cellular One
      Locations: Montana, North-Western Wyoming, Texas (TX-10, TX-11), and Oklahoma (OK-5) — Wants zip code — Wants zip code
    • (East Central Illinois, device availability varies by location) —
      Feature Phones:
      Nokia 2680
      Nokia 2720
      Nokia N8
      Nokia N97
      Texting phones:
      Nokia C3
    • (Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico)
      All mobile phones:
      Nokia C1
      Hearing aid-compatible:
      Nokia 2720
      Nokia 6085
      Nokia 7020
      Nokia E5 (Aspect)
      Nokia E75
    • South Canaan Cellular (Wayne and Pike Counties, Pennsylvania/ — No Nokia phones
    • Choice Wireless (Texas and Oklahoma,, models vary based on availability)
      Nokia 2760
      Nokia 5800
      Nokia 6061
      Nokia 6085
      Nokia E63
  • Cincinnati Bell — Has landing page, but this can be run around. Nokia not listed.
  • Element Mobile — No Nokia phones
  • i Wireless
    Nokia 1208
  • Immix Wireless
    Nokia C1
  • nTelos — Nokia not listed
  • Revol Wireless — No Nokia phones
  • southernLINC Wireless — No Nokia phones
  • West Central Wireless
    Nokia C6
    Nokia N8
  • Indigo Wireless — No Nokia phones
  • Viaero Wireless
    Nokia 2720
    Nokia 7020
  • Long Lines Wireless
    Nokia 7020
  • Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative ( — wants zip code

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