Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finding the classic Netscape/Mozilla hand cursor

If there is anyone who remembers using Netscape (oh, the good times), they will also remeber the business-like hand cursor that appeared on hovering over links. This cursor is a classic.

Now, originally, the cursor was available at this address:

Alas, that resource is not available anymore.

And whilst
also exists, I'd found no way to download it.

So, as I was googling (yes, I still..sometimes do that) this classic hand cursor with the
search string —

I found this awesome resource on GitHub:
Apparently and for reasons unknown, a software developer took the classic Mozilla source and wanted to improve it.
The download link was there all right, so I got my favourite cursor.

License information

As the original Mozilla Application Suite was licensed under the Mozilla MPL/NPL/LGPL tri-license, then this should apply to the subject image shown at the top of this post.

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