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List of Nokia phones offered by Canadian mobile operators (end of April 2015)

This is an updated list of Nokia phones offered by Canadian mobile operators.
I decided to create an update, largely because there has been consistent interest towards the previous post. The research was made around 24./25.04.2015. It left it at that for a few weeks until today (07.05.2015).
* The list of operators herein is based on the
Canadian mobile phone companies Wikipedia navbox.
* Criteria for inclusion: That the phone not be a Windows Phone device, so operators and MVNOs with non-Windows-Phone Nokia phones are at the top of the list; Microsoft-branded Lumias don't count.
  • I added one LG F4NR, which, strangely, according to the Rogers website, features the Symbian operating system. Since it's an OS formerly managed by Nokia, then I have also included that model, which seems to be one of the more popular basic phone models available in Canada. LG F4NR a 3G flip phone (HSPA/HSPA+), and its specifications have it that the OS is REX.

    AFAIK, Nokia sold Symbian to Accenture.

    LG could earn well by selling affordable feature/function phones with the no-frills Symbian operating system, which on its own is very battery-friendly, and sufficiently feature-packed.
Canada is generally Blackberry country, and almost all operators offer Blackberry devices. For many things and in many ways, Blackberry devices are superb over most other smartphones.

My motivation, then, was to include mobile phones with European roots, so I've also included operators that offer Doro phones, given that Doro is a Swedish company.
For those not in the know, while Alcatel has originally been a French brand, then Alcatel cellphones fall under Alcatel Mobile Phones, which is managed by TCL Mobile Limited, which in turn operates under TCL Corporation, which is headquartered in China. This is something similar to Nokia devices and services division now owned by Microsoft, which is headquartered in the U.S. So Alcatel enjoys brand recognition inertia.

Jump to operators that offer:
Non-Windows-Phone Nokia phones Nokia Lumia & Doro phones Nokia Lumias LG F4N*

Operators that offer non-Windows-Phone Nokia phones

Only one non-MVNO operator offers non-Windows Phone Nokia phones as new.

ICE Wireless

Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

* Nokia 208 (under Regular Phones)
· Nokia Lumia 530 (Windows Phone)

Chatr (MVNO)

Owned by Rogers, coverage limited to Wind Mobile and Mobilicity.
* Nokia C2-02

· Nokia Lumia 520
· Nokia Lumia 635

· Sony Ericsson txt pro

Petro-Canada (MVNO)

Uses the Rogers GSM network.
* Nokia C3

This section includes operators that normally include Nokia devices with Windows Phone, but also offer Doro phones (Doro is a Swedish company).

Cityfone (MVNO)

Owned by Rogers.
· Nokia Lumia 635

· Doro PhoneEasy 620


Primus Canada

Chose Ontario.
· Nokia Lumia 635
· Doro PhoneEasy 620


The following are all operators that offer at least Nokia Lumia phones. Apparently, the most popular devices are Nokia Lumia 635 and Nokia Lumia 830.

Rogers Wireless
Main page lists phones by operating system.
On ''All phones'' page, brands are positioned below operating systems, and Nokia is listed in brands:
Residential & (Small) Business
· Nokia Lumia 635
· Nokia Lumia 830
Interestingly, Symbian is featured in OS platforms, and that yielded
Strange only, that the phone's standby time on the Rogers website was rated as 16 hours, while music playback is 21.5 hours. This is a mistake on the part of Rogers, because the standby time is up to 16 days. Nearly as much is confirmed on LG's own website for the phone, which lists standby time as 'up to 15 days and 17 hours'.
- Sony Ericsson is listed as a brand under the Business section, but only Sony Xperia phones are on offer.

Fido Solutions (MVNO)
MVNO, subsidiary of Rogers
· Nokia Lumia 635
· Nokia Lumia 830
Bell Mobility
General & Small business:
· Nokia Lumia 830 (under Windows)
_ In the General section at Phones > Devices, the Nokia brand is not listed.
_ Under Small Business (at, Nokia is found under 'Filter devices'.

MTS Mobility (Manitoba Telecom Services)
Primary carrier in Manitoba;
Offered under all customer categories:
· Nokia Lumia 830 (under Devices)

Under Voice devices:
SaskTel Mobility
Serves Saskatchewan.
· Nokia Lumia 830

Under Other Devices > Cell Phones
(?) also has LG F4N
Telus Mobility
As of 2014 has completed purchase of Public Mobile, an MVNO on Telus's 4G network. Telus has since 2008 also operated a Koodo Mobile MVNO.

Chose Ontario.
Nokia is listed.
Offered under all customer categories:
· Nokia Lumia 635 (under "Smartphones Lite" section)
· Nokia Lumia 830 (under one of "Smartphones" sections)
(Formerly Thunder Bay Telephone)
Operates in Thunder Bay, ON, and the surrounding area.
Personal & business:
· Nokia Lumia 635
· Nokia Lumia 830

The following operators don't have any Nokia phones on offer, but they have LG F4NR and LG F4N phones, which might be running Symbian.
I haven't verified this information, so I don't have much to say about whether the phone actually runs this operating system.

Eastlink Wireless
Serves Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island; website requires region, so I chose Nova Scotia + Halifax.
[x] Apparently no Nokia phones.

Certified refreshed phones feature only
~ LG F4N, which has Symbian/REX

[x] Business: Site not very usable.
Vidéotron Mobile
Serves Quebec and the National Capital Region.
Residential & business:
 Base [phones] / classic devices
 ~ LG F4NR
Under small and medium business section, the refined criteria selection lists Nokia, but no Nokia phones are offered.

Wind Mobile
Nokia not listed.
Wind Mobile specifies the phone's OS as 'LG Platform'.

Although the BREW Mobile Platform does not stem from Europe, the Huawei U2801 featurephone is offered as another device with an alternative operating system. Huawei is a Chinese company.

PC Mobile (MVNO)
Devices operate on Bell Mobility (prepaid), or Telus Mobility (postpaid) networks; branding and payment media with President's Choice supermarket store brand.

No Nokia phones listed as of 24.04.2015.

Wikipedia article on PC Telecom features Nokia Lumia 520, but that information is very likely outdated.
Prepaid phones
~ LG F4N
Virgin Mobile Canada (MVNO)
Used Bell Mobility CDMA network, after launch adopted HSPA+ and 4G LTE.

Website requires JavaScript to display any content.
Has good device filter.

Nokia not listed.

Other Canadian MVNOs

The following are MVNOs that don't offer either Nokia phones or the said LG F4N* phones.

Koodo Mobile (MVNO)
Subsidiary of Telus

One of the few websites served in https, but wants to access a user's location via browser (Firefox normally prompts for these things).

No Nokia phones available.

Latitude Wireless or Northwestel
An incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), serves the very northern parts of Canada, which have the most adverse weather.

Bell authorized dealer. See Bell.

Public Mobile (MVNO)
Subsidiary of Telus.

Website requires JavaScript, only offers service, but no phones.

7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless (MVNO)
Uses Rogers GSM network in Canada.

Sold Ottawa outlets to Quickie Convenience Stores, existing Ottawa SpeakOut subscribers could move their prepaid balances to Quickie's Good2Go programme.

No Nokia phones.

Inukshuk Wireless
Has a one-page site with only the company address.

Serves Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa + Gatineau, Calgary, Edmonton, Greater Vancouver Area. No new cities served since 28.04.2011.

CityWest Mobility (MVNO)
Exited wireless services, existing customers were given to Telus.
Otherwise serves the following BC communities: Prince Rupert, Port Edward, Terrace/Thornhill, Kitimat, Hazelton, Smithers/Telkwa, Houston, Stewart.

Zoomer Wireless (MVNO)
Under Cityfone; no mobile service advertised.

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