Saturday, May 16, 2009

Various iterations of gtk+ 2.6.10 for Windows

Today I was searching for various iterations of later Gtk+ 2.6.xx runtimes compiled for Windows, to see which project offers their most recent version of Gtk+ 2.6 and if there is anything newer than 2.6.10-rc1.

The reason for this kind of search is that Gtk+ 2.6.10 is the last major version of Gtk+ to run on Windows 98/Me, providing compatibility for a number of important Gtk-based applications, including Pidgin, an instant messaging program and GIMP, an image processing app.

The free software nature of Gtk+ means that many projects that depend on Gtk+ can create their own versions that may be more compatible with their apps.

The GladeWin project at has perhaps the most stable version of Gtk+ that I know of, offering
2.6.10-rc1 for download.

The Pidgin instant messaging project on SourceForge has
2.6.10 Rev A

The Gimp-Win project, which specialises in releasing The GIMP for Windows, offers
Gtk+ 2.6.10-20050823.
This is possibly the most widespread variant of all Gtk+ 2.6.xx releases available, but not all that stable.

The Gtk-Win project run by Alex Shaduri offers
2.6.9-050806-ash /dated 06.08.2005, if dates for the 2.6.9 release date at are correct /The installer is in English and Russian

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